This Site

We are passionate about business and have learned a lot from our varied backgrounds.  We would like to use this website to explore more about running a business and share some of our experiences to help others follow their dreams.  We hope to provide readers with a candid view of business with a bit of humor and a lot of practicality.

Who We Are

Ken Carter serves as secretary treasurer and chief financial officer for JES Engineering. With more than 30 years of experience acquiring, operating and building businesses, Ken has an extensive background in management, from supervising construction field personnel, to executive duties. His business background extends to valuations and acquisition. He has successfully completed more than a dozen mergers and acquisitions. Ken was educated at Brigham Young University, with a special focus on accounting and finance. He holds C-10, C-20, C-45, D-21, D-24, C-57, and C-61 licenses from the Contractor’s License Board, and a Real Estate License.  He resides in Concord, CA and raised 4 children with his wife, Bonnie.

Ryan Carter is currently a program manager in the Imaging and Camera Group at Intel.  Previously, he worked as an engineering project manager at HP  and as an imaging engineer at Aptina (Now part of OnSemi).  Ryan has also worked for APL in Oakland, CA and Walmart Information Systems Division in Bentonville, AR.  Growing up near the Silicon Valley, Ryan has always been interested in business and technology and as early as the age of 12, knew he wanted to pursue a career in these areas.  Ryan has a BS in Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Boise State University.  He resides in San Jose, CA and is raising 2 boys with his wife, Jackie.