My MBA son has prompted me to venture into the cyber world and share some of my experiences.

Coincidently, my personal story is a “rich dad, poor dad” experience.  My father worked for the State of California, an 8-4:30 job for 40 years.  He was a great example as a father and church leader, but had no interest in business or risk.  My mentor, “rich dad”, was always in business for himself since his college days.  I soon determined that I was not cut out to be a state worker so from age 15 on, I started patterning my business future after my mentor.

I was exposed to many financial transactions in my teens as I grew up in Sacramento.  I went away to college at age 17, got married at 18 and went to work with my mentor at age 20.  My first opportunity to be in business for myself came at age 21 when my mentor grew tired of a business I was helping him run, so I made an offer to purchase.  He generously rewarded my hard work with a favorable deal.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to the SF Bay Area.  My mentor purchased a large company and moved to Southern California.  Though we were hundreds of miles apart, we stayed in touch almost weekly, discussing business, investments, money, and life.  I certainly think a mentor is a key to owning your own business.

Since that first business, I have purchased, owned, and operated 14 small businesses.

In this blog I hope to share my experience, formulas, and ideas about being in business for yourself.  There are ups and downs, sacrifices and benefits, failures and successes, all that could possibly help someone else chart a successful course.